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Running a business is a lifestyle - it is with us day in, day out. You've done the workshops and courses and they can teach you so much  but it's the implentation and adapting to all of the different changes in business that constantly get chucked our way.  Staying accountable and being supported throught our time in businss is crutial to growth. 

Our membership is desinged for those who don't have much time or dislike wasting money. We ensure our members work on a smarter, not harder strategy. 

As a member,  you will receive the following -

  • Access to the Boss Girls Blueprint - To guide you through your business journey from 0 to 6 figure months
  • Instant access to business workshops on all aspects of a business - New ones added monthly to stay up to date with what is current in business.
  • Monthly live focus coaching - Stay accountable in business to ensure you are growing and not just surviving!
  • Monthly Social Media content - Get your Social Media planned for the month ahead with experts!
  • Discounts and Perks - Including guest slots on our Podcast, PR Invites, and much more
  • 100% discount code to our Business Summit Events 
  • Business Resources 
  • Exclusive community 
  • No contract - cancel at anytime

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