Our Story

Hello and welcome to Boss Girls Academy

In 2018 I started my own business, running events. I loved what I did but found the business-side overwhelming and isoloating. As a single mum with two young children, money and time were tight, leaving me stuck on how to move my business forward.  I felt I didn't 'fit in' with the limited business networking events that were available. It was one day driving my car I had my lightbulb moment - if I was feeling like this how many others were too? That's when Boss Girls was created. It has been a journey since then, with a lot of learning, progression, and mistakes but one thing has never changed... my mission to create what I needed in 2018. A support system for women in business,  that provides all of what they need to run a successful business, from current workshops, coaching sessions, space to advertise, and events, and not to forget the discounts and perks. All for an affordable price and made to fit in with a busy lifestyle. 

Boss Girls is also a safe place for women to come together and feel empowered to be their authentic selves. The stereotypical way a business is supposed to be run or the stereotyped 'business woman'  is OVER, we're here to unapologetically be our authentic selves, living life on our own terms. 

I welcome you to the community, you came across us for a reason. Let that reason be something that gives you a positive impact on your life.

Stacey - Boss Girls Global Founder