Goal setting with Yoga & Cold water dipping!

Loch Lubnaig Callander Stirling

Sunday, April 7 2024 from 10:30 AM to 01:30 PM

Join us as we set our goals in light of the next quarter and use this oppurtunity to further step out of our comfort zone and welcome new oppurtunities. 

Time Activity
15 minutes Welcome, introductions, the flow of the day
30 minutes Yoga and meditation to set the tone and create a ‘present’ mindset.

Practice gratitude, and feel all the feelings around that

20 minutes Move into Braindump / wishes – stream of consciousness writing to identify

dreams / wishes / intentions

30 minutes Identify top 3 on the list then take each one and write down the steps that

would need to happen for them to become reality

30 minutes Movement and meditation – Once the intentions are clearly set come back
to the mat, meditate on those intentions, connect to the physical body and
feel all the feelings around these intentions becoming reality

15 minutes Ritual of Release - Burn intentions in the fire then step into the water to

cleanse release and get out your comfort zone.

30 minutes Come back to the fire, share a hot drink, share with the community – how
do you feel. What’s your BIG scary goal for the quarter, what do you need
help with, is there someone in the group who can help you?

10 minutes Final thank you and farewell / follow up